Saturday, March 9, 2013

G-1 Transformer for 3/10/2013

This is the first G-1 Transformer we have gotten in for a while.  Tho he is from a later line from the series, he still will be a good one for one of the kids who are just starting out to collect the original series.

*Following the end of the U.S. Transformers series in 1987, a new animated series entitled Transformers: Headmasters began airing exclusively in Japan. The series picked up where the third season left off -- the U.S. show's abbreviated fourth season, "The Rebirth" story arc, didn't air in Japan. The titular Headmasters in the Japan series differed from the ones introduced in the U.S. series' fourth season; in the Japan version the Headmasters were made up of Cybertronians who left Cybertron years ago and settled on a planet called Master. To survive in Master's harsh climate, the Cybertronians built large bodies called Transtectors, to which they attached themselves as heads. Transformers: Headmastersaired for 35 episodes, completing its run in 1988. Fun fact: This series took place in 2011. *

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