Monday, March 4, 2013

Ben 10 Feedback

 I am going to use this post to answer an e-mail I received about the Ben 10 Omniverse figure called Feedback since chances are more than just one person may be looking for him.  The e-mail said "Feedback is hard to come across, have you seen one?"  To answer this question is to say YES.  I don't normally look at the Ben 10 line, but yes I did happen to see a few different toys of this guy at the Fort O K-Mart today.  I hope this helps out the gentleman that e-mailed me about this just a few moments ago, and I hope that it aids those who are looking for one and didn't ask.  I don't mind trying to find anything and tell you guys where I see it, you just got to let me know and I will do my best, especially since every store has way too many toys to mention.

If you should have such a request, drop me an e-mail at

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