Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Transformers Generation Ruination

The Transformers Generation line is about to bring in more some of the G-1 Autobots with more of a modern look, but this time they are giving them a slight twist.  Originally these Autobots were never part of a combiner set, but they were members of the Autobot warrior group called the Wreckers.  The G-1 Autobots that will be coming out this July are as follows.

Impactor, was never an action figure in the G-1 line, but he was in the comic series in both the States and the UK comic lines.  He was the one time leader of the Werckers and this time in these Fall of Cybertron line, he is back as the leader of the group.  It is hard to tell with that big gun in his right hand, but the original had a small harpoon where that hand should of been, when more images of Impactor are posted on the net, we shall see if it is before or after he lost his hand in battle.

Roadbuster is a lot different from his G-1 form.  The originals color scheme was mainly orange and brown and became an odd looking dune buggy.  In the Wreckers, Roadbuster was often known in the comics to keep lots of weapons on hand, and was a natural warrior.  He was released as an G-1 toy back in the 80's, but as far as I can remember, he wasn't ever on the show.

Topspin here has taken a drastic change in his vehicle form from his original G-1 days.  He was a small space jet with twin nosecones, and now this space jet form looks almost monstrous. Topspin was a G-1 figure (and currently we have the original 80's figure in stock).  In the comics, both Topspin and his brother were members of the Wreckers, but in the toy  line the brothers were produced as Jumpstarters. The original Jumpstarters would be pulled back and as they rolled, they would pop out of vehicle mode and into robot mode by a spring mechanism.

Twintwist, the brother of Topspin was also a Jumpstrter in his G-1 days as a double drill tank (and yes, we currently have him in stock from the the 80's line).  In the Generations line, the brothers are both going to be sporting newer forms and different color schemes.  If I remember correctly, both brothers were in the American and British comics as members of the Cybertron fighting force known as the Wreckers.

Whirl is another G-1 Autobot that has taken a major change in his color scheme for this line.  Whirl was originally blue and gray when he was produced in the 80's toy line.  I don't think he was in any of the old cartoons, but he was in the old comics from the USA and from the UK as a member of the Wreckers.

Ruination is the combined form of the Wreckers for this line of Transformers.  The Wreckers I listed above were never members of a combiner set, and the combiner Ruination was never a G-1 Decepticon (technically).  Ruination's first appearance was on the Fox Kids Transformers series "Robots in Disguise".  He was the combine form of the Decepticon Commandos, who were re-colored versions of the G-1 Combaticons.  This naturally tells you that Ruination was a re-colored version of the G-1 combiner Bruticus.

The Wreckers are set to be released in July, and like other items, I will try to keep you notified when I see them out in stores.

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