Monday, April 22, 2013

DC toys from last weekend.

 A lot more DC toys are in stock from this weekend.  We got in DC Universe Batman toys from Arkham City and the basic toy line.

 For those who love the Batman movies, we got in a small tumbler from the last trilogy.
 If you like odd items, we got these cute DC plush Funko items.
 More DC Hot Wheels came in this weekend, we got in all of your favorite characters from the DC Universe in this cross collectible line.

 In the Hot Wheels Ballistiks, we got in more DC characters to add to your Hero Cars collection.
 We even got in some Imaginext toys in the box for the kids who can't get enough of this child friendly line.
 In the DC Direct's Blackest Night line, we got in this really cool Black Lantern, Earth Two Superman figure.  These Super Powered Zombies don't usually last long.
 If you or your child like the animated style of DC toys, we got in some loose items that you will be sure to love.
 For the fans of the Funko toys, we got in this crazy looking Joker this past weekend.
 More loose toys from both DC Direct and DC Universe lines are in stock from a collection that we got in last weekend.

 With the Superman Movie nearly upon us, we got toys for anyone who is a fan of the Man of Steel.

 We got in several Action Figures and meal toys from different DC toy lines.  We even got a JLU Darkseid in this weekend.

We even got some of the 90's Batman toys.

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