Friday, April 5, 2013

DC Toys for the weekend of 4/6/13

 One of the most unusual DC toys that we got in for this weekend is this Catwoman from Japan.  If you know anything about the Japanese Transformers, you may have heard of Takara.  This Catwoman is a product of that Japanese Company.
 For our Batman fans, we got in this Toys R us Exclusive Batman and Robin two pack that had a nice display background that makes the two look like they are caught in a spot light.
 We also got the hard to find Alfred and Ras Al Ghul figures from the Batman Master Piece line.  Each one comes with a part of the build a Bat-Signal line.
 Some of the loose DC toys that we got in for this weekend includes these Green Lantern Movie toys.
 Several types of DC loose toys came in today.  We have in Batman, Superman, and many more to choose from.
More DC meal toys are also in stock including Batman, Joker, and even some of the Young Justice Finger Boards.

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