Friday, April 5, 2013

Other Toys for the Weekend of 4/6/13

This Joe like Fire Fighter came in for this weekend.  He is in our Army bin.
 We got in a few Beanie Babies for this weekend, all of them can be found in our $1 bin of dolls.
 I am not sure what sub group this one is, but we got this almost dog looking Aliens toy from the 90's toy line.
We don't get many Bob the Builder dolls like this one, but we managed to get our hands on this one.  The kids still love this show, and our Bob the Builder toys seem to movie fast.
 More Care Bears are in stock for the Weekend.  These guys have become quite popular again, and they don't often stay in stock long.
 For our many DBZ fans, we got in this figure of Gohan.  This is from one of the first DBZ story lines where the team had to fight Freeza.
 Even more Disney toys are in stock for our Quarter bin this weekend.

We did get in one more vintage He-Man this weekend.  This Whip Lash figure was in the bottom of a box we bought this week.

 This Creature from the Black Lagoon toy is back in stock for our classic horror fans.
 More Toy Story, Smurf, and Care Bear action figures are currently in stock for the weekend.
 Another Might Ducks toy just came in along with this Ozzy Bobble Head, and this odd troll like figure.
 A few more Pokemon toys are in stock.
We got in a few more Power Rangers toys of different colors and series in this week.  We have toys from the original line, all the way up to Operation Overdrive.

Tho we haven't been getting them in that often, we did get two more Scobby-Doo toys in.

 For all of our little Toy Story fans, we got another Woody Action figure in.  We keep finding ourselves running short on Woody and Buzz toys lately.
 A few more Transformers toys came in the week.  Most of these loose toys are from Meal packs like McDonalds.
 Tho it isn't many, we did get in a couple of loose WWE toys, along with a belt.
I know many of the kids don't know who this is, but we once again have in another Zorro toy.

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