Sunday, April 14, 2013

New DC that we got this weekend

 We got some Batman toys in and out of the box this weekend.  We got the Holiday Target exclusive Batman toys from last year's Halloween and Christmas.  We got a loose Hot Wheels Batmobile and a loose Animated Batman.

In our vintage toys, we got this old carrying case from the Super Powers line in the 80's.  It is missing the tray on the inside but the outside is in pretty good shape.  We don't see many carrying cases from any of the normal toy lines.

 If you are a fan of the Gotham Girls, we got in this bendable Catwoman plush doll.  I have never seen anything like this before, but it sure is cool looking.   This Harley Quinn Chess piece also came in this weekend.  In the game set, she is the queen for the bad guys.

 We also got in several of the DC Hot Wheels this weekend.  These Matchbox items also came in this weekend.  The Bat from the last Batman film is a larger scale than the Hot Wheels version.

 In some of the loose toys for DC, we Got some Batman toys from the animated series, Brave and the bold, and a meal toy from Young Justice.  One of our loose Batman the Animated Series toys that we got in is this Man-Bat toy.

 We managed to get some of the new toys from the New 52.  We got in Hawkman, Flash, Batgirl, Superman, and Batman.

Another one of the figures that we got in the box is this Harbinger toy from DC Direct.   Some of you may remember her from the second Superman/Batman animated movie.   More of the loose toys we got in are some Imaginext and DC meal toys.

 We got some really cool Superman toys in today, especially since that new movie is coming out this year.  This child's size cape that makes sounds is one our newest items, but the coolest Superman item we got in is this 30 inch Superman Action Figure.

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