Saturday, April 6, 2013

Other Toys for 4/7/13

 Today, we got another Stealth Predator in the box.  This one has a lot of accessories, and looks really amazing.
 More loose Ben-10 toys came in, including some of the tiny Sumo Slammer toys and a Ben-Wolf action figure.
 Only Three loose cars came in today.  The one with the key on the top is sort of neat.  When you turn the key, the doors slide open in a way that it looks like Thunder Hawk from the old M.A.S.K. cartoons.
 The only loose Joe I got in today is this green ninja with hook sword and back pack.
 The only Pokemon toy that came in today is this little blue penguin.
 I found one TMNT toy in a collection today.  We got a Mikey in his warrior armor from the 2000 line.
 Two small robots from an odd toy line came in today.  If I remember correctly, you could put marbles in their bellies and they will shoot them out.
A few small Yugioh toys came in today, including one of the monsters from the odd chess game they tried years ago.

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