Sunday, April 7, 2013

Other toys that we got in on Sunday 4/7/13

 Only one DBZ toy came in today.  Sorry that this one is so washed out, it looked like it was fine when I previewed it on the camera.  This is a Super Sayain Trucks figure that is pretty articulated.
 We also got a Fred Flintstone toy that includes his water buffalo hat.
 This classic Battle Cat toy came in today.  I wished we had gotten in his helmet and armor.
 We also got in a large boat play set from Jake and the Neverland  Pirates series.  The kids love this show, and I am sure they will love this fun item.
 If you remember some of the more unusual 90's cartoons, you may remember the show Mummies Alive.  We got the two bad guys from the set and the mummy, Armond.
 This is the second Small Soldier toy that we got in in the past month.  I forgot this guys name, but he is one of the good guys from the series.
Unfortunately, this is the only Smurf toy that we got in today.

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