Saturday, April 6, 2013

DC for 4/7/13

 We got in a lot of DC toys today.  And surprisingly enough, not all of it was Batman.  We did get in this Bruce Wayne car that becomes a Batmobile in today.
 We did get in some more loose Batman toys.  Some are from Imaginext, one of the older film's toy line, and a Super Powers Robin.
 In our loose bin, we also got in the old Superman villain, Conduit.
 Today, we got two more Batman movie toys with this Dark Knight Joker, and Clown Thug.
 We also got in a lot of loose DC Universe and DC Direct toys today.  Some of the ones we got are Batman, Superman, Hawkman, Green Arrow, Black Lightning, and many others.
In the collection we got in today, we did get one DC Universe toy in the box.  We got our hands on the Vigilante, DC's answer to the Punisher.

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