Monday, September 2, 2013

Toys for A's

For the past 8 years, so many of you have helped make us what we are today, which isn't easy in this economy.  This year, Kevin and myself have thought of a great way to give back to our many wonderful families and to those who are just now finding out about us, by adding a little motivation to the studies of the children who visit us.  This year we are starting a reward program for every A that our kids get on their report cards.  How this works is by bringing in your report card, and for every A the child gets, they get a $1 in store credit.  This doesn't sound like much, but to help encourage straight A's, the biggest reward is $10 dollars in store credit for report cards that have A's in every subject.  We hope this offer will help motivate each child to do their best this year, especially since we both believe that we have some of the brightest students in the area as regular customers.

Have a great labor day, and we will see you all soon.

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