Tuesday, May 7, 2013

toys weekend of 5/4 and 5/5

 This week, we got in more Ben 10 toys

 very few toy cars came in this week, we got in a hand full of loose cars and one in the box this weekend.

 A lot more DC toys are in stock from this weekend.  More animated toys are in stock, and several DC Universe loose toys also came in.

Here are more pics of our new DC U and DC Direct toys that we got in.

 two more pics of loose DC toys
 and yes we did get in two new DC toys in the box.

 A set of military diecast cars came in this last weekend.
 If your kids love the new Iron Man movie, we got in more loose Iron Man toys this week.

 In our loose Marvel toys, we got in a Black Panther, and an electric lights and sound Iron Man

 Out of all the loose toys we got this weekend, we only  got one Spidy in this weekend.
 Another Mortal Kombat toy came in this week.
 Several loose Star Wars toys came in this last weekend.

 In our Star Wars toys, we got in a loose Hoth Leia toy from the 80's
 More Transformers came in this week.  We got in a movie Megatron, and a few more vintage items.

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